Our New Member Of The Family

The Fab Lab’s family has now grown! We are proud to announce that through the Born Free Foundation¬†we have adopted an Orca, Springer for the next year. Springer is an Orca who got lost away from her family (A4 family) when she was just a young calf and was rescued by Born Free and the […]

A Free Experiment To Try At Home!

Need something to try at home one evening? Why not try this fantastic experiment to make film canister rockets and talk about rockets, explosions, pressure and lots more! Everything can be bought locally and can most be reused! Or consider a science party and have a professional do it and more! Click Here For The […]

British Science Week 2019 Dates Announced!

The dates for British Science Week 2019 are 8 – 17 March 2019! British Science Week always creeps up quickly on us and this year doesn’t appear to be any different. The dates have already been announced and we’ve already started getting enquiries!! Do you fancy having an assembly or some workshops during British Science […]