The Fab Lab Privacy Policy




1.1 As a UK business, The Fab Lab are keen to not only comply with UK GDPR legislation, but more importantly to go out of our way to protect your personal data.

1.2 We act as a data controller and will only use your personal data for use in accordance with our business – we will never pass this onto third parties.

1.3 We give you control over how we use your data. We will not contact you with marketing and informative emails unless you have specifically opted into receiving these emails, and even then you can opt out whenever you like.


How We Use Your Data

2.1 When you visit our website, we use data collected by Google to track which pages are most effective and to make website updates and marketing campaigns accordingly. Google collect a lot of data including IP address and location, but all data is kept anonymous.

2.2 If you fill in a contact form, we will retain all information you provide for the purposes of your booking. If you decide not to book with us, this information will be deleted unless you have opted into receiving emails from us.

2.3 Any information given with regards to a booking is also retained in our database system. This information is held for 1 year if you make a booking, and deleted if you choose not to make a booking.


Sharing Your Data

3.1 All of our entertainment and presentations is provided by self employed presenters in the UK, therefore it is imperative that we share appropriate data with them. This includes but is not limited to: Your name, venue address, presentation date and time, birthday guest name and age. The presenters are asked to delete this information after they have used it to provide entertainment.

3.2 We will not share your information with anybody outside of the company without seeking your written permission first.

3.3 We use PayPal for our payments and work to their privacy policy for such payments. Any further information on their privacy policy can be found at https://www.paypal.con

3.4 Exceptions

If we are legally obliged to pass on your information to a third party then we will do so and where possible notify you. In some cases this may not be possible e.g. in a safeguarding case.



4.1 We review our policies regularly and will post any changes to our policy on our website.

4.2 If we feel it is necessary, we will also put in writing our updated policy and highlight changes to users.


Your Rights

5.1 Please note this is a summary of your rights and professional advice should be sought for more information.

5.2 You are in full control of your data. We have outlined the standard way in which we handle your data.

5.3 You have the right to access, rectify, erase and restrict your data. If you would like to exercise any of these rights please contact The Fab Lab directly and we will endeavour to assist you.

5.4 You also have the right to complain to a supervisor about the use of your data. If you feel the need to do this then please contact The Fab Lab directly.


Our Data

6.1 The website and our services are run by The Fab Lab Entertainment Limited.

6.2 We are a registered limited company (11396725) and registered at 34 New House, 67 – 68 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8JY.

6.3 You can contact us by email (, telephone (03308084344) or by post at the above address.

6.4 Our data protection office is Oli O’Neill and he should be contacted using the above means. His direct email address is