Coronavirus and Our Parties

Dear Parent / Event Booker, We have been monitoring closely the situation with Coronavirus unfold and have been talking a lot about what action we should be taking as an organisation to find the balance between safeguarding both our presenters and your guests, and still providing the service we do. The situation is changing daily but as we stand right now (Saturday 14th March 2020) this is the company view on the situation:

1) Our parties and events will be carrying on as usual The risk as outlined by the government is not so great that large events should be cancelled. Given that most of our activities outside of schools are for less than 50 people all inclusive, we are happy to continue running our activities and attending events. We will be continuing to monitor the situation and should government advice change we will update you on it as soon as possible.

2) We will be reducing how hands on some of our experiments are For the simple reason that the virus can be spread through close contact, we think it is an unnecessary risk to maintain almost every experiment being hands on. We will still be asking for volunteers, but taking extra precaution by wiping down equipment between users etc… We will also ensure that every child who wants to gets a go at doing at least one experiment.

3) We will be taking extra precaution with hygiene and advise your guests to do the same Both when we arrive at an event and when we leave we will ask if we can wash our hands. This is to ensure we don’t bring anything from ourselves into your event or take anything out as well. Where we would normally send children onto the next activity when we finish, we would advise that we direct them to the bathrooms to wash their hands before starting the next activity.

4) If someone needs isolating, we can postpone or cancel the party We have a large group of presenters who cover our activities so hope that if one presenter needs isolating we will be able to cover it with another, however we don’t know what is going to happen in the future. We will cover as many parties as we physically can and at the moment don’t see any reason why we won’t cover all parties and have to put the wellbeing of our presenter first. In the same way, if your child becomes unwell and you feel postponing or cancelling the party is the only option, contact us to discuss your options. We will always put the safety of people first. If the decision is to cancel the party, sadly there will be a cancellation fee of £30.

This isn’t going to the company at all but directly to the presenter. This is because they are self employed and will potentially have given up other work to be there, so we feel it is only fair to offer them some compensation for their missed work. If you decide to postpone the party this will be done free of charge and your original presenter will be given priority on accepting the work. We hope this all makes sense, please do reply with any questions you have and we will do our best to answer. We’re hopeful that we will see you at your original booked date and time!

Kind Regards,

Oli O’Neill Company Founder