What Is Your Name?
Oli O’Neill

How Old Are You?

Where Do You Live?
I live in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

How Long Have You Been A Presenter?
I’ve been doing presenting for 15 years, but as a science entertainer for 10 years.

What Is Your Favourite Science Experiment?
We do one experiment called the muscle man. It involves a leaf blower being poked up the back of a poor, unsuspecting child and puffs their muscles out! It looks really funny and definitely gets everybody laughing.

Who Is Your Favourite Scientist?
Ingrid Visser – she studies Orcas (killer whales) which are my favourite animal, and does loads of talks raising awareness about them. Random fact for you about killer whales; there has only ever been one incident where an orca bit a human in the wild, and the orca left him alone and realised it was a human not a seal! In captivity however, there have been lots of instances. To me, it shows how bad captivity is for animals and how unhappy they are.

Do You Have Any Hobbies?
My hobby is racing cars. I also work for Porsche when I’m not doing parties, I teach other people performance driving, but love going fast in cars. In 2016 I won my first ever championship, and last year raced in Mini Challenge. I’m currently preparing for next year’s season where I’m hoping to race a Ginetta G55 Supercup car (Google them, they’re awesome!).

If The World Was Going To End Tomorrow, What Would You Do Tonight?!
I’m a bit soppy, I think I would want to rush around telling all the people I’m close to how much they mean to me. But I wouldn’t text them and tell them, I would want to tell them face to face! I’m really passionate about people knowing quite how special they are so would tell them. But I know quite a lot of people, it would take quite a long time. Mind you, I don’t need to sleep the world is ending tomorrow!

What Is Your Most Embarrassing Memory?
I love winding people up and always thought that I was great at embarrassing other people (which I am) but wouldn’t get embarrassed myself. Until my best friend sent me a letter in the post from New Zealand, and wrote on the outside of the envelope “I hope you’ve plucked up the courage to ask out the postman who delivers to your door, you know the one you always talk about”, and was even clever enough to send it special delivery so the postman had to knock on my door and give it to me. I thought he was giving me some funny looks and was mortified when I realised why!

Tell Us Something About You We Didn’t Know!
Oooh, there’s lots of things! My favourite colour is pink, and has been since I was a child. I wanted to be different and had two pairs of shoes, one black and one pink. I used to wear one pink shoe and one black shoe when I went out. I thought I was really cool, I’m not sure anybody else thought I was though..

Thanks Oli, enjoy your next party!
Thank you! I’m sure it’ll be great!