British Science Week 2020
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Inspiring Assemblies

Bring your whole school together and show them the wonders of science with our interactive science assemblies! With popular experiments like our dragon’s breath, monkey face and lion’s hair, this is bound to be an assembly to remember. We can also theme our experiments to the theme of your choice should you have a specific theme for your science day. 

Hands On Workshops

We have 5 workshops tailor made to ensure every child can get hands on. We have themed our workshops around exciting topics, incorporating as much of the national curriculum into them, not only in science but other subjects too. We can fit up to 30 children into each workshop and run up to 8 workshops in a school day, meaning the whole school can take part in a workshop.

Our Workshops

We run 5 workshops and swap these workshops every academic year. The following are for the 2019 – 2020 year.

Scary Static

Learn all about elecricity, electrons and how they move with this exciting experiments! Every child can light up a bulb, feel an electric shock and loads more!

Super Slime

Whilst our pet dragon rests at the lab, we have brought some of his breath with us to demonstrate how dragon’s breath looks.

The Great Chocolate Robbery

With a build up of pressure in a film canister, this interactive experiment will have explosions popping everywhere!

The Human Body

From the monkey face to the lion’s hair, these experiments make adults and children both look silly and teaches us Bernoulli’s principle.


With a build up of pressure in a film canister, this interactive experiment will have explosions popping everywhere!


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Why not get in touch? We can give you some more information about our days, how it will benefit your pupils and most importantly how you can fund it. With information about the British Science Association grants and private businesses, it doesn’t have to cost as much as you’d think!

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