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From smoke and bubbles to fizzing potions and magic tricks, plus plenty of interactive experiments where the kids can make their own sweets and slime, our science parties are guaranteed to be enjoyed by girls and boys alike. All of the fun is coordinated by a trained and experienced presenter at your chosen location. And we’ll even provide invitations and certificates for free, for a fantastic souvenir of the day.

Qualified Presenters

All of our presenters are DBS checked and trained in safeguarding, as well as having plenty of experience working with children. Our presenters have worked with the likes of BBC, as well as presented exhibitions in front of thousands of kids, and our experienced presenters are skilled at providing the perfect balance of education and entertainment. So, you can rest assured everyone attending your party will be safe for an event that will be the talk of the playground.

Some Experiments We Do

Not all of these experiments happen at every party, but here’s a good idea of some of the things we include in our presentations!

Static Electricity

Learn all about elecricity, electrons and how they move with this exciting experiments! Every child can light up a bulb, feel an electric shock and loads more!

Dragon's Breath

Whilst our pet dragon rests at the lab, we have brought some of his breath with us to demonstrate how dragon’s breath looks.

Mini Explosions

With a build up of pressure in a film canister, this interactive experiment will have explosions popping everywhere!

Extreme Air Pressure

From the monkey face to the lion’s hair, these experiments make adults and children both look silly and teaches us Bernoulli’s principle.


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We don’t penalise you for lots of children or being far away, so our prices are some of the most competitive going. The average party costs less than £9 per child for entertainment so why not enquire now?

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Our parties will continue as usual, with extra precaution. Read here for more info.


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Extra Experiments

If you want more than just science, take a look below at some of the exciting experiments we can add on to make your party that little bit different!


Slime Making

By far our most popular add on, children get the opportunity to make a small pot of slime they can then take home with them.

Sweet Making

Children will get their tastebuds working in this interactive workshop by making popcorn and sherbet powder! 

Bath Bomb Making

Recommended for the older children, they get the opportunity to mix chemicals together and make their own bath bombs!

Dry Ice

Learning about frozen Carbon Dioxide, children will see movie effects, explosions and make fizzy drinks in this exciting add on!

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