Are Science Parties fun? Of course!

Will it be safe? Definitely!

Will your presenter be DBS checked? Absolutely.

There's lots of questions we need to answer but let's start with the basics. Science parties aren't boring, they're full of fun, games and excitement but all based around a common theme. We fill our parties with visual effects, flames, explosions and lots of fun, making sure that the guests are involved as often as possible. And best of all, you have ultimate control over what happens.

Why Not Get In Touch?

Our science presentations have been recognised as one of the best in the country. From working with the BBC to exhibitions in front of thousands of children, our presenters are a collection of like minded, professional, talented people with a desire to inspire people with science.

All starting to sound expensive? That’s the best bit! Our parties could work out as little as £9 per person, and this is based on just 20 children!

We have created thousands of memories with thousands of children with over 10 years of entertainment. We would love for your child and their friends to be the next group of children for us to create memories with. Why not get in touch and see how we can make this party unforgettable?