Are Science Parties fun? Of course!

Will it be safe? Definitely!

Will your presenter be DBS checked? Absolutely.

Enter the exciting world of science – a creative way to capture children’s imaginations with mind-blowing experiments, fascinating facts and awe-inspiring fun.

If you’re bored of the usual birthday parties and want something a bit different, we can deliver a unique and unforgettable experience. Our science parties are full of visual effects, inspiring information and are guaranteed to be a lot of fun.

Our presenters have worked with the likes of BBC, as well as presented exhibitions in front of thousands of kids, and our experienced presenters are skilled at providing the perfect balance of education and entertainment. All of our presenters are DBS checked and trained in safeguarding too, for complete peace of mind.

We’ve presented at countless parties and events across the country over the last 10 years and created unforgettable memories in the process. And what’s more, our parties are affordable – in fact, they can work out to as little as £9 per child, based on a party of 20 children.

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What’s included in the Science Kit?

Plasma Ball

Learn all about static electricity with our plasma ball experiment. We’ll teach the kids all about how a mixture of gases, such as helium and neon, create electromagnetic radiation. Children can watch as the electricity moves around the ball, makes a light bulb light up and even give their friends an electric shock – all completely safe, of course!

Dragon’s Breath

A fascinating experiment – watch as a powder which won’t catch fire and somehow keeps us dry in water suddenly creates 4ft flames right before your very eyes! Kids of all ages will love this one and will enjoy learning about how the chemical reactions take place to create this spectacle.

Film Canister Rockets

There’s nothing quite like a dose of rocket science to add to the excitement of a party. The kids can make their very own explosions with film canister rockets, shooting them 30ft into the air and learning all about propulsion, force and pressure in the process.

Leaf Blower

This one is sure to grab the kids’ attention! Using our overpowered air gun, we’ll carry out a range of experiments that will teach them all about air pressure. They’ll become superheroes, have hair like a lion’s mane and even watch their presenter become a monkey!

We also offer the option of extra experiments as well as our standard selection, which include:

Slime Making

After you’ve had fun with our selection of interactive experiments and games, why not add in a dose of extra mind-boggling chemical reactions with our slime making experience?

We’ll offer our expertise and guidance to answer any questions and help the kids explore polymers and molecules, creating the perfect colourful ball of non-toxic, safe-to-handle slime to take home and play with. This is a great way to wind up the party and makes for a lasting memory that the kids will love.

Sweet Making

There’s nothing quite like a bit of food technology to boost the fun of a science party. It’s a well-known fact that kids love sweets and they’ll love making them even more!

As part of the sweet making experiment, the children will be able to sample the different ingredients that go into each recipe and will learn about how heat changes the appearance and texture of our food, creating fascinating chemical reactions. And when they’ve made their very own confections, they’ll be able to take them home to enjoy.

Bath Bomb Making

Bath bombs are a fun beauty product that can be found in most shops and supermarkets these days, but have you ever wondered how they’re made? Invite your kids to enter the scientific world of bath products by creating their very own bath bomb to take home with them.

The children will follow step-by-step instructions, with plenty of support from us, to create their own bespoke bath bomb – scented and coloured exactly how they’d like, while learning about how the chemical reactions make it dissolve and fizz in water.

Dry Ice

While you can’t take this one home, dry ice is a lot of fun to watch and interact with. We’ll explain CO2 and the complexity of gases, while your kids are wowed by the mystery of the carbon dioxide that lays within dry ice that creates enough pressure to expand balloons and grow bubbles. It can even blow out the candles on the birthday cake!

*Gloves or mittens must be worn for this experiment