Why a Science Party?

Why not a science party? Parties have been around as long as birthdays, as has science so it makes sense to combine them. Providing the perfect party is actually somewhat of a science itself. We’re not going to come in and teach children, we’re going to come in and provide fun, games and experiments. Our promise is that the children will leave with smiles on their faces and your party will be one to remember.


Isn’t It Expensive?

It’s not as expensive as you might think. Sadly, to be able to provide some of the best presenters in the UK we have to be paying some of the best wages in the UK, but we make up with this in quality. Our standard party starts at just £180 for an hour for 20 children still, and there’s no travel fee to add!


Are All Your Presenters Trained and Checked?

Of course! The process of becoming a presenter for us is actually quite rigid. There’s an application form, an interview, a training day, a mentoring day and then they’re on their own! Plus all of our presenters are DBS checked by us regularly (every 3 years).


Is It Messy?

It shouldn’t be… That’s the worst answer we could give. On our part, we do everything in our power to ensure that we leave your venue as we found it. But sometimes accidents happen and children drop things and spill things. If this does ever happen then contact us at your first opportunity for clean up advice.


What Do I Need To Provide?

A table to put our things on (if you think of a rectangular trestle table, that’s perfect!), access to water to be able to fill up some equipment before we start, and a standard UK power socket. Oh, and children. Children are always a big help!