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  1. Our parties are in demand, but we’re happy to work on a trust basis. After receiving a booking form we will send a confirmation email. At this point, the party is booked and confirmed and an invoice will be raised. No deposit is required but the full balance must be paid off before the date of the party.
  2. Once your party is booked, the following charges apply should you decide to cancel the party:
    >6 weeks until the party date -> 0% of party value charge
    4 – 6 weeks until the party date -> 25% of party value charge
    2 – 4 weeks until the party date -> 50% of party value charge
    <2 weeks until the party date -> 100% of party value charge
  3. We understand that there are always circumstances that come out of nowhere and stop your plans, so where possible we will try and move the party date for you.
  4. Once your balance is paid, we are unable to change any details for your party.
  5. We do need a table large enough for us to put our equipment on. The minimum size we can work with is 4’ x 2’, although larger tables will work for us too. We will also need access to water and a power socket.
  6. Our priority is protecting the children present at the party and as such we ask that there is at least one adult present in the room at all times. Should more parents wish to stay, we’re more than happy but ask that they stay quiet enough that the children can hear us easily.
  7. All of our presenters are DBS checked, fully trained and offered ongoing support. It is our number one priority that both the children and our presenters are safe.
  8. We do our upmost to tailor the party to the children and the individual party. If you have a theme please advise us as soon as possible.
  9. Children must not touch any of our kit unless they have our direct permission and supervision. This is for their safety and must be upheld. If, for any reason someone touches our kit without our permission and/or supervision, we cannot be held responsible for any injuries resulting from it.
  10. All of our electrical kit is tested annually as well as visually checked before each presentation. The rest of our equipment is visually checked and all of our experiments are risk assessed. You can request a copy of any of this information by writing to
  11. If you were unhappy with any part of your presentation, please let us know at the first available opportunity. We will always seek to reach a resolution as soon as possible. This can be done by telephone or by email, either way we will confirm in writing in order to create a paper trail.
  12. We have full public liability insurance which covers all guests at all of our presentations.
  13. We reserve the right to publish any media or comments that are given or posted to The Fab Lab through social media, writing or verbally.
  14. We will do our best to protect your data at all times. We may promote other events and presentations to you but will respect any requests not to contact you further.

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