Undoubtedly, you’ll have lots of questions about us coming in, and we want to make this as easy as possible for you. Hopefully some of the questions below will help:


1. Can I use Pupil Premium Funding (PPF) towards your workshops?
Absolutely! Our workshops not only teach about science but also encourage pupils to work together, regardless of their background and we find it works really well.


2. Are your presenters DBS checked?
Yes they are, and more than that they’re also trained in safeguarding. We hope more than anything that we never need to rely on our DBS checks or our safeguarding changes but, should we ever need to, we’re prepared.


3. What about Public Liability Insurance? 
Yes we have our own public liability insurance up to £10m. Again, hopefully we’ll never need it, but it’s there if we do.


4. When do I need to pay for our day?
We raise an invoice when we receive your booking, which has a due date of 14 days after your science day. If you have a budget you need to take the funding out of, you can pay immediately, if you would prefer to pay after the event, we’re happy with that too.


5. How many workshop titles do you offer? 
We have 3 workshop titles prepared that we do day in, day out. However, if you have a specific topic that you want us to come and talk about, ask the question! We can’t guarantee the answer will be yes but we can definitely give it a go!