Our school day pricing is based on the length of time we’re with you, not your choice in workshop. All of our workshops are between 30 and 60 minutes long, dependant on how long you have available. Travel contribution? VAT? No, we didn’t like the sound of them either so we don’t charge them.


An Assembly / Single Workshop     –     60 minutes     –     £200
The perfect introduction to a STEM day or week, or maybe a focus activity with one of your classes; our one hour time slot is perfect to fill pupils with inspiration and excitement. Our assemblies aren’t themed, they’re designed to entertain your pupils and have them leaving the room wanting more.


4 x Time Slots     –     Up to 3 hours     –     £350
This is an ideal length of time if you want to do workshops with a particular key stage. Whether it’s assemblies in a 3 form entry school or individual workshops for 3 or 4 classes, we can provide whatever works best for you.


8 x Time Slots     –     Up to 6 Hours     –     £450
A full day time slot is by far our most popular option. Giving you the opportunity to have a presenter in your school all day, educating and entertaining your pupils. We recommend that our days start with an assembly so that we’re not a stranger at the start of a workshop, and then it’s over to you!