Sadly, a study carried out by Kings College in London found that less than 10% of pupils wanted to have a career in Science, whereas business, art and fame top the charts! With names like Stephen Hawking being household names, we want to show children that science can be seen as cool; in fact not only cool but also incredibly important.

Science is widely seen as being at the heart of everything and careers in Science can span from being a geologist to an astronaut. With technology not only coming on in leaps and bounds but also becoming an increasingly prominent part of our lives, careers in science are more necessary now than they’ve ever been before.

So what can we do to help transform children’s opinions of scientific careers?

We firmly believe that one of the key elements is the perception that you have to be clever to be a scientist – and this simply could not be farther from the truth. Every person (young and old!) have strengths, and just because they’re not achieving in science doesn’t mean they couldn’t be a scientist. What about developing apps for smart phones? The child we see in the corner always on a tablet or pc may actually be the next Mark Zuckerberg! That is why we don’t always wear white coats for our presentations. Yes, for parties there’s an element of dressing up that creates excitement, but not all scientists wear white coats so why should we?

Also, what do children think science is? If they imagine working in a laboratory with microscopes and lots of degrees, or blowing things up with chemicals then ultimately they’ve watched too much Brainiac! The truth is, every time the question “why?” is asked, an element of science is coming into play.


Can I make a difference?

Yes! We all can, and we all should! As adults, we are responsible for the future generations, and as people who work with children we’re even more responsible. If you change your perception of science, children’s opinions of science will also change!

You could even consider a science party at a young age, or encourage your school to partake in a science workshop to inspire children into the world of science!

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